Linux : A Noob's Guide

Shahadat Khokhar
2 ratings

If you are planning to learn Linux had tried Linux but couldn't figure it out, or you're a professional planning to give Linux a try?

This Book is for you.

This book will guide you through the most basics to advance level. This book will cover

  • Installing and setting up Linux
  • Managing Software in Linux
  • Getting stuff done through terminal
  • Different Package types in Linux
  • Troubleshooting
  • Features of KUbuntu (KDE)

💰 Tips are always welcome

✔️ Who is This Guide For:

  • Developers planning to learn Linux
  • People who want to try Linux
  • Fresh grads who don't know where to start
  • Anyone who wants to try Linux without messing up

Who is This Guide Not For:

  • People who are professional Linux Administrators
  • Serious Gamer
  • People okay with Windows/MacOS

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Linux : A Noob's Guide

2 ratings
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